Watch now, or you would never know

Trains are not the only things that travel through train tunnels. In fact, light travels too. Have you ever wondered how much further you can see the light coming from the other side of the tunnel? I have found a very convincing clip that explains a lot in silence.

Man! You are ruing my experiment!!
Yeah, we still have the Sun. Take care guys!
(They must be belonging to an unknown subterranean civilization.)


Another 5km

Extraordinary Man

Al Sharpton is an extraordinary man. He once was a large person. One day his daughter asked him "Why are you so big?" Then he couldn't find a reasonable reason, so he transformed himself to present super healthy Al Sharpton. I couldn't believe it when I knew it was the same person. That story itself suggests his kindness and smartness.

Social Distance by Pets

how to keep your pets safe
I don't know how you call the pets that you can't pet. Former pets? I can imagine cats are good at social distance, but doggies? They will just go crazy. "Why? Why? Why? Have I done something wrong??" I don't think I can convince them.

Docchi mo Docchi

trump vs who
WHO vs Trump
They seem to belong each other while we don't.
We call such sequence in Japanese
"docchi mo docchi"
It sounds like Italian, but it is Japanese.

It may be defined literally as
"any of which is just about any of which"
meaning the both are at the same level of something, no big difference.
For the record, I'm not so sure about how I feel about WHO, but I love U.S.A.

Now listen to the song to see how it's pronounced.
♪docchi mo docchi (de docchi) ♪

Electro Pose

How are you surviving lately? I hope you are surviving well. It's been quite sometime since I got addicted to electro pose. I still do not know anything about this electro pose, but the music is so tuned and I just love it. This music clip looks so cool just like any other electro pose clips, and it really is, besides just one small thing I know.

This is the original source of the clip, and it has been on my "train sound" playlist. It officially claims that it is 8 hours long actual train ride. And every comment you see there is just on the same train. So, I speak very quietly that I've realized it is 8 hours long repeat of 21sec. No shit. Half a minute may look like a little short for grabbing a coffee, ain't it?

For instance, this clip is the same clip as


as well as that.

Do not tell anybody, so I don't have to disturb their comfortable 8 hours sleepy train ride.
Happy train ride!

Noah's Ark in the other way around

This vessel reminds me of Noah's Ark. The only difference was that flood happened inside the vessel, and it is coming out now. Sarcastically I call covid19 "WHO's koibito" which means WHO's lover in Japanese. Covid and koibito happened to sound identical to me.