Truth speaks for itself.

Speaker Paul Ryan almost said that in his very opening statement! God! He is so natural. Apparently, he may not have completely fallen to the dark side. lol

Extremely Rare Marshmallow Tree

Production of marshmallow has always been used by a power play in politics. It's even said that a man who conquers marshmallow trees would consequently conquers a country. In 1965, international marshmallow treaty was concluded among major marshmallow producing countries. Thereafter transfer of original marshmallow trees has been strictly prohibited. The treaty brought in some stability to the region. However, it also made this real marshmallow vanished from world market. To fulfill the demand for marshmallow, so-called "artificial marshmallow" was invented. It has grown to dominate the market ever since. That is very why some of you may even not know this very unique marshmallow trees exist. More than 99% of what you may think genuine marshmallow around the glove is actually "artificial marshmallow". Its taste is very closely represented by artificial ones, however its distinctive lovely flavor has never been quite successfully imitated.

"Bagless Bag"has now been released!

Bagless Bag
In the effort of making original light-weight compact bag, I did not compromise on minimizing every aspect to make it happen. Even the most fundamentally untouchable element of a bag was not an exception. Sometime after processing, I realized its bag part had already gone. >﹏< The above picture of the test piece which has been put in practice over 3 years in my life shows how fine it still appears. To such a minimal cyclist who I am, this item has become something I can simply be helpless without. Also, its usage is ridiculously unlimited that you can even anchor yourself with street signs although I really don't know why.

President Donald Trump... Not so fast?

FW1I have to say I was totally underestimating how American people are seriously addicted to reality shows. In no time, they should soon realize it's just too real to enjoy watching. The result of this election broke all the familiar faces I adore. People are so desperate. Unthinkable thing happens. It just might have another unthinkable twist at the end. Who knows? Here is your last hope. My magic 8 says "It's not certain." It is always right.

Damnatio Memoriae

Damnatio memoriae
"Happy Halloween! Trick, treat, or Donald Trump!"

The little bicycle sign has been always there as far as everybody knows, and now it looks like it's sentenced to damnatio memoriae. Wouldn't it be just nice if there was a story to tell how it's gone? I will always remember you.

Length of His Necktie

So far, $5 million check to charity within an hour "deal" has been just another his shameless propaganda. There will be a presidential debate taking place tomorrow. What I am personally looking for in this debate is the length of his necktie. His necktie is ridiculously long most of the time. Have you ever noticed? During his appearance on 'The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon' which I rarely watch, his so-called hair was successfully messed up by Jimmy. Now we know there may be no such an operator in that bush, believe or not. That was one thing. His necktie to be touching down where he sat upon was just another thing to watch. Does he or his campaign manager ever care about it after all? I think we will see the answer.

Advanced Japanese Lesson

Today's word: "gyafun" It's not gayfun. Totally different thing.
meaning: almost a cry gesture of a total surrender
usage: This is it. I swear I'm gonna make him say "gyafun."
kyoukoso aitsuwo gyafun to iwaeteyaru.

However, "gyafun" is rarely spoken outward unless otherwise intended for some comical effect.