Electro Pose

How are you surviving lately? I hope you are surviving well. It's been quite sometime since I got addicted to electro pose. I still do not know anything about this electro pose, but the music is so tuned and I just love it. This music clip looks so cool just like any other electro pose clips, and it really is, besides just one small thing I know.

This is the original source of the clip, and it has been on my "train sound" playlist. It officially claims that it is 8 hours long actual train ride. And every comment you see there is just on the same train. So, I speak very quietly that I've realized it is 8 hours long repeat of 21sec. No shit. Half a minute may look like a little short for grabbing a coffee, ain't it?

For instance, this clip is the same clip as


as well as that.

Do not tell anybody, so I don't have to disturb their comfortable 8 hours sleepy train ride.
Happy train ride!