Advanced Japanese Lesson

Advanced Japanese Lesson

Nagoya direct: tockin’ tockin’ (とっきんとっきん)
meaning: so sharp and pointy
usage: kyouno tukiwa sugoku tockin’ tockin’ dakara atama kiwotuketene
Please mind your head. Today’s moon is so tockin’ tockin’.

How I protect my copyright

When you create or invent something, you need to protect your copyright at the same time. Whether you like or not, there are always certain types of people exist whose nature is just good at stealing one’s ideas. The most important thing you need to do to secure your copyright is to publish your work widely along with clear publication date that can not be fabricated. This authenticity of your publication date is very critical.

To do so, I personally recommend using YouTube. YouTube is probably the most handy and widely trusted platform you can use for this purpose at free of charge. If you publish your works via YouTube, people can clearly see who made what and when. False claimers simply do not have such evidence and 100% always fail to prove the publication date that they claim. The idea of ultimate advantage of this method is not to give them a chance in the first place. If they see your publication date is secured, they most likely will not bother you.

Rest in Peace

R.I.P. with our playlists

Yesterday, our old good friend grooveshark passed away. My bunch of playlists... also passed away along with it. And yours too. Loosing playlists must be catastrophic to many people who have been totally relying on to it. When it happened to deezer back in years ago, they saved our accounts and playlists. Anyways, I really thank to grooveshark. Although how they did it happens to be wrong, what they did was pretty amazing! It was just a comprehensive library of music. It helped me to encounter new music and artists easier than ever. It also made me possible that I could welcome my visiting guests at my site with a flow of music. May it rest in peace... Can we just get back our playlists?